RIPPERS, a Brave New World

game #18

Tuesday, April 18, 1885

Late Monday night, April 17, the Rippers discuss their next move on the deck of the boat on the Alexandria River after a full day of travel from the dessert temple. Eva received a final detailed report from the Ripper Telegraph with details on the Cabal attack on Europe.

The Rippers where shocked to learn that reports indicate a 70% loss in Ripper manpower and resources in the European cup. The Rippers small council have labeled it, the bloody Monday massacre. Additionally, the group learned that the Cabal planted literature and evidence linking a terrorist organization called, the Rippers, to the assassinations of government and law enforcement officials, to hide their involvement and turn the government and common folk against the Rippers.

Eva also found a note that she previously missed written on the back of the paper note she gave the slave girl, Saline. The note warned Eva that her and the other Rippers where in danger. Saline wrote that she overheard a conversation between some of the Prince’s guards where they talked about the Rippers and had photographs of them. She said that she also heard them talk about assassinating the Prince on Wednesday at the Museum show opening.

The Rippers decided to return to Alexandria to prepare for the trip to the valley described on the gold puzzle box to stop whatever is going to arise on Friday night during the night of Thoth. While there, they intended on finding out who was after them and what they where plotting against the Prince.

Because of the time crunch, 8 of the group traveled back to Alexandria using the two balloons, while Eva and Darken used a magical artifact given to them by the Bedouins on Sunday to instantly transport themselves to the city. When Eva and Darken arrived at Nazzim’s house in downtown Alexandria, they found him being held hostage by vampires. A short conversation was followed by an intense combat in which the very powerful vampire nearly killed Darken, severing his left arm. After collecting a blood sample, the vampire left Daken in a pool of his own blood. Eva and Nazzim rushed to stabilize Daken and stop the bleeding. Despite the fact that the two constantly bicker with one another, Eva stayed at Daken’s bedside all night while he rested in Nazzim’s bed.

Early the next morning, at about 5:30 am Eva, Daken and Nazzim found dozens of the people in the street marveling at a meteor shower over the horizon of the city. At the same time, the 8 Rippers in the balloons were about 3 hours outside the city witnessing the same light show. Suddenly, the Rippers became violently ill. Their eyes, teeth, and nails turned a light shade of green. It took hours for all of the Rippers to break free from whatever sickness over came them but by the time the balloon crew reached the city and Nazzim’s house, most of them where fine. At about 11 am that morning, the Rippers grouped together in Nazzim’s living room to discuss their next move while the last few of the group sweated out the last of their sickness.



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