RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #17

Sunday, April 16, 1895


After a short conversation with the grateful Bedouins ,the balloon Crew are back on their way. The Bedouins made a gift to their liberators of 2 days rations and water, 2 torches, and 4 candles. After about 4 hours of travel, the crew spot a black object on an intercept coarse. In less than a minute a large back skinned winged daemon has attacks balloon #2, a cloud of black smoke trailing behind him. The crew quickly attack as the pilots begin to descend back to the ground. Balloon #1 lands smoothly but balloon #2 crashes violently and her crew scramble to defend her. After some well placed gunfire, the creature dissipates into a cloud. Eva recalls the Bedouins mentioned that the cult priest was spouting Arabic curses before he escaped and used the words “winged fiend”. Once the balloons are flight ready again, they continue on their way to the temple.
The boat crew make land fall late Sunday night and are advised by the boat captain that it is about a 7 to 8 hour trek to the temple site. The crew decide to walk through the night so they can get there as early as possible. As the crew makes their way through sandy dunes and craggy rock by torchlight they are suddenly attacked by sand constructs and red skinned daemon-men. The crew make quick work of the creatures but the sand constructs cause a few minor wounds that don’t seem to heal or close up with standard dressing.
In a search, the crew find an envelope on one of the dead demons containing pictures of all the Rippers in their group. The crew continue on, hoping to make the temple sight by early morning.
On the morning of Monday, April 17, the 2 groups reunited and began to explore the temple grounds. They found that the reflection pool goes deep into some type of cavern. The temple itself was mostly collapsed but the portion that was still standing contained many murals of art depicting an ancient war between the fish people and the forces of the pharaoh Ramses. Upon further investigation, the crew found a third piece of the gold rock puzzle hidden in the wall near an old chamber containing hundreds of bones.

Once outside, the crew found hundreds of mummies coming down out of the mountains to the south, east, and west. The crew made a hasty retreat back to the boat by foot an balloon.

When the 3 pieces of the gold rocks where put together, a message could be read describing the location of a valley where a terrible creature would awaken on the night of Thoth, just 4 days from that day on Friday the 21st. The crew decided to resupply before traveling to the described valley.



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