RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #13

April 15,1895


After leaving their (Eva’s) chilling encounter at the dive site, the group went to the hostile at the docks to meet with William, the head grad student on Hutchinson’s team. He was able to give them some insight into the Professor’s odd behavior the weeks proceeding his death. William also told the group about a rare antiquities dealer in mid town that the professor had sold some of the dig site artifacts to named Schuler. Lastly, William was able to transcribe some of the hieroglyphs on the two stones when they are pieced together. Though the sentence was still incomplete without the missing piece, he was able to make out something about a tomb in a marsh to the west and the night of Thoth.
The group was able to discover that the night of Thoth refers to a pattern of stars that will appear in the sky just several days from that very night.



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