RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #15

Sunday, April 16, 1895


Once back at the hotel, a few of the Rippers try unsuccessfully to gain access to the closed 5th floor to talk to the two women when they learn that the Prince was not there.
Afterwards, half of the group went back to the docks and secured a boat to the island that the fish skull was found while the other half of the group waited behind in the hotel.
While on the island, the Rippers unburied a shrine to the god Oannes surrounded by a long deserted village. As it was already very late, they decide to camp out the night on the island and the boatman agrees to return for them in the morning. As they slept on the beach, they where attacked by a Sea Serpent. When they defeated the creature, it broke up into a pile of sea salt.
Back at the hotel, the other half of the group eagerly awaits the return of their comrades, fearing the worst.



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