It is a time of great change. The Victorian era is coming to a close and the modern era is fast approaching. In this exciting time in human history, the battle rages in the shadows away from the general public between the forces of light and dark. The secret society called the Rippers continues their never ending war with the forces of the Cabal.

A new group of Rippers have joined forces from all walks of life and society. Brought together by great circumstances and in the right place at the wrong time, this new group stumble onto a plan hatched by the Cabal at the highest levels. Despite overwhelming odds, they have stormed head first into a dangerous series of events that will inevitably lead to their doom, or have a great impact on the war effort against the Cabal……. or both.

This intrepid crew of new Rippers include…

Alex Jensen,
an American knife thrower who sought out the Rippers when his circus trope was slaughtered by a pack of werewolves. Alex slashed one of the werewolves across the eye with a silver dagger. The werewolf, now called Cyclops, was disgraced and hunts Alex. Alex has had a few run ins with the creature on nights of a full moon, who now where’s an eye patch, so he is weary of any man wearing an eye patch since he does not know what Cyclops looks like in human form. Alex wears a unique stone pendant on a chain around his neck that he calls his lucky charm.

Jaxom Huntley,
an Irish clergyman who has been traveling the expanse of Europe. He was once the minister of a small vestry and hospital. When it came under attack by demons and a scheming Cabal witch named, Sousa, he fought valiantly and defeated them. But Sousa got her revenge by burning the Vestry down and planting evidence that lead authorities to Jaxom. Though he was innocent, he was forced to flee Ireland where he is now wanted for the deaths of three people. He found and joined the Rippers in London.

Eva Quinn,
is an Asian American scholar and linguist who holds three degrees in History, Linguistics, and psychology. She jumped neck deep into archeology out of grad school when she met and fell in love with a brilliant Archeologists named Matthew Hutchinson. It was at a dig site that Eva first encountered a Cabal Gnome. Though no one believed her, she became obsessed with the possibility of the supernatural that eventually lead her to Europe. Her divergence caused a rift that eventually lead to a falling out with Hutchinson though she never really got over him. Eva found the Rippers in London and can always be seen scribbling in her notebook at every new encounter with the Cabal or the supernatural.

Cha’d McCloud,
is an Irish Tinkerer who grew up spiteful. He was born with a rare
pigmentation disorder giving him ghostly white skin. Because of that, Cha’d avoids the sun, as it irritates his skin. As a young man, Cha’d spent most of his time in a workshop building and crafting new things. He lost his parents to a Cabal pack of Vampires and their werewolf pet when he was 17. The pack left him alive with only a facial scar because the vampire pack leader liked his gaunt and ghostly appearance. Cha’d sought out the Rippers in London and now uses his considerable tinkering talents to craft devices to torture and kill as many Cabal as possible. He is not really a people person and is often reprimanded for conduct unbecoming.

Sir Reginald Bleary
is a British inventor who comes from a very wealthy family in London that owns several warehouses and small shops in lower Coventry. He is well schooled and it was on one particular assignment when during an autopsy he watched a supposedly dead man rise up and attack the medical examiner. The examiner was fortunately a prepared Ripper and dispatched the creature. The vampire was taken away by the Rippers, but Bleary found a necklace on the floor that he was wearing. He took it as a luck charm and joined the Rippers soon after. The necklace is a near transparent smooth stone with a red center attached to a leather cord. Bleary was invited to the London gathering shortly after where he met with his current Rippers crew.

Jameson “deaddrop” Longlance
, is an Australian farmers son who once enjoyed the simple pleasures in life with his parents and brother Samuel. When he was 18, his farm was attacked by a coven of Vampires while he was away at the market. When he got home, he found his parents bled out, their throats ripped open, and his brother missing. Though the pool of blood left in his brothers room didn’t leave him with much hope, he sold his family farm and used the money to travel extensively looking for clues of his brother. His parents death was attributed to wild animals by the authorities but Jameson was never convinced. In the months since he left Australia, he began to have violent nightmares of death and destruction featuring dark creatures that feed on the blood of other people. In time he learned that he was developing strange mental powers and he became convinced more than ever that his brother was out there somewhere and that the dreams and new powers where all connected. Eventually he found the Rippers and joined up believing that their contacts and exposure to the supernatural would lead him to ultimately discovering what became of his brother.

Daken Gordon, Earl of Aboyne
is the only son of Charles Gordon, the Marques of Hunly-the oldest marquessate in Scotland and the second oldest in the British Isles. Daken’s mother was attacked by a wolf when she was near the end of her term causing her to go into labor. The difficult delivery combined with her wounds cost her life, but Daken was born healthy. Daken learned when he turned of age that the wolf bite had passed something to him through his mother. Though he had fantastic dreams when he was a child, it wasn’t until his 22nd birthday that he changed for the first time on the night of a full moon. Eventually he learned to control the transformation on any night that was not a full moon. Daken kept his “condition” a secret his whole life keeping him from taking a wife, much to his fathers discontent. He learned about the Rippers through social circles and as he learned more about them, he knew they would hunt him if they knew about his condition. For that reason, he joined the Rippers believing he would be safest keeping his possible enemy close. Though their are a few in his current group that mistrust him for his “condition” they have learned to work with him and have vowed to not divulge his secret to Ripper leadership.

Georges “Doc” Martin
Is a licensed surgeon and general practitioner from New Orleans that always had a knack for tinkering. Life was good until he had the misfortune of losing a patient that was related to Voodoo Witch named Bremortha. She attacked him when he was walking home one night with Voodoo magic using giant snakes. Doc was lucky, and was saved by a good Samaritan that just happened to be on assignment from the Ripper Lodge in New York and passing by. Doc sustained massive damage to his right eye causing him to loose his sight in it. His new friend helped him join up with the Rippers and foster his gifts as a talented gadgeteer.