RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #8
Wednesday, April 12, 1895

While in the reliquary, the group had to defeat ancient Templar ghosts to recover three artifacts, the cup of Christ, the spear of destiny, and an engraved vampire tooth. The group was also able to Rip several samples from Cabal creatures. When they excited the ruins, they where confronted by the head of the Fingermen, Sir Cernal McBane..

After being escorted back to La Felle, they where questioned and eventually forced to give up the cup and the spear. They where able to deliver the tooth to Carpenter and use the samples taken from the Cabal creatures in the monastery to create some Rippertech potions.

The group then met with the newly returned Captain Pickard and where softly disciplined for their failures at La Tambour. The learned that a new Lodge was being established for them and that they where to temporarily report to La Felle.

Game #6 and #7
April 11, 1895

In the underdark of the ruins, the group found an old man unconscious but alive. They fought their way through traps and giant spiders to an old reliquary room in the center of the underground ruins.

Game #5
Tuesday, April 11, 1895


The group receive some much needed medical attention at the National Lodge in Paris, La Felle. There they meet Lord Hensley, the Lodge Master at La Felle and a visiting Lodge Master,
Washington Carpenter (the US Lodge Master of the New York Lodge)
The group learns that Carpenter is not only a prominent Lodge Master, senior Ripper, and personal friend of Von Helping… they learn that he is also the leader of a rag tag group of Slayers out of the US that is trying to revitalize an ancient order called the Watchers that presided over a powerful supernatural warrior called the “chosen one” or" the Slayer"
They also learned that the other members of this group, including Willow and Zander, where working with a half blood vampire codenamed “B” against Ripper policy.

When the group told Carpenter about what had happened and the book, he took steps to retrieve it and then sent them on an errand to recon an abandoned monastery in the countryside of Paris.

There, they met “B” short for Blade, and fought through vampires and demons into the lower levels of the ministry.

Game #4 continued
April 10,1895


The group arrive back at the lodge with an unconscious professor and necromancer. They are also accompanied by the professor’s assistant, Indiana Jones who has given them a mysterious package. He stays that the package was delivered by accident to the museum although it was supposed to be shipped to an address in the lower east side of Paris. The package contains an old leather bound book titled.." the Watchers Chronicle" and also has an envelope and note attached. The note was a private message from someone named Zander to someone named Willow. It alluded to the fact that Zander had found the book the letter was attached to after years of searching, and that he was on the run from “the Gangrils”
It also mentioned someone named “B” and Carpenter.

A few of the group remained in the stockroom to guard the unconscious and bound necromancer, the injured professor and Indiana and the book. The rest went into the basement to find the lights out and dead bodies everywhere. A fight commenced with a giant weretiger. While the main group was struggling wirth the werebeast, the Ripper Gaston kept watch in the stockroom but while watching the front door, failed to notice that the necromancer was conscious and had freed himself. The two began to fight, and the stockroom was set ablaze. The fight spilled into the staircase that lead into the basement where the werebeast was now at. Knowing that the copers where at the door of the LODGE, Gaston managed to seal the hidden door to the basement. After some time and with great injury, the werebeast was defeated and the necromancer ingested poison, knowing his time was up.

The group, badly wounded, was forced to dispose of the bodies in the river, all except the body of the weretiger ( after ripping some samples from it) and Brigham where stored in the basement.

After the battle, the group learned that Gaston and Indiana were taken by the copers for questioning among with the professor and the book.

Game #4
Monday, April 10, 1895


On the morning of April 10, the group is given their first assignment by Brigham. They are told that a prominent Professor and his assistant are the targets for membership by the Rippers. The two would be at the Marvels Museum in downtown Paris that evening at the opening of a new display on Dinosaurs and that it was the groups job to recruit them.

That evening everything was going to plan, when a disturbance could be heard in the national cemetery across the street from the museum. There, a Cabal Sorcerer attempted to cast a powerful spell that rebounded on him. The night sky turned red and an Erie mist filled the steers. In the museum, dead exhibits suddenly came to life, including the insect exhibit outside the office that the Rippers where in. The Professor was injured sand the group had to fight their way through the swarm back into the main exhibit to find a full size T-Rex skeleton fully animated and attacking museum patrons.
After dispatching of the living bones, the group has to contend with it’s creator, the Cabal necromancer, who has just busted through the front door. The battle ends in him getting sapped from behind and the group load him onto a carriage to be taken back to the Lodge for questioning.

Game #3
Sunday, April 9,1895


After a long journey, the group meets Charles Brigham at their new lodge headquarters in a secret basement beneath the pub, La Tambour on Lafayette street. They are briefed on their responsibilities and learn that their Lodge Master, Captain Pickard, (whom they met in London)is away with many of the other senior members until Wednesday the 12th of April. They are given leave to settle in and told to report back the following morning. They spend the rest of the day becoming familiar with the city.

Game #2
April 7, 1895


The Rippers decide to investigate the information on the note and go to the London Docks. There they find a cargo ship and are attacked by zombies. Following the battle, they are approached by Ripper leadership and invited to join a new Ripper Lodge in Paris. The group accepts but before they depart they check some of the warehouses for more information. Though they are unable to find anything from the note, they do discover that a large 7ftX3ft crate was unloaded from the same cargo ship where they found the zombies and was picked up by an unknown party.

The group leaves for Paris, France and arrives safely on Sunday April 9, 1895 in the morning.

Game #1
Friday, April 7, 1895 @ 9:00 pm

A meeting took place at 35 Nolen at a Eden Hall for new and prospective Rippers. After a grand meal and much needed networking, a few stepped outside for a smoke or to take in the night air. A disturbance caught their attention.

When jogging down the fog filled London street, the group saw an old women and man accosted by a large cloaked individual. The old women sputtered some gibberish and the assailant suddenly shifted into a Monstrous misshapen fellow. Hey knocked the old women to the ground and fled the scene. The other man being attacked took pursuit followed by a few Rippers. When the Rippers caught up a few blocks later, they saw the creature duck down an ally leaving behind the poor fellow that was chasing him laying belly down in the street with his head twisted so that he was staring at the night sky with dead eyes.

The Rippers gave chase and cornered the man in the alley. A fight insured precipitated by some gunshot and explosions. The Rippers approached the incapacitated creature to witness it slowly morph into a man. The familiar whistle of copers could be heard closing so the Rippers quickly searched the chap, finding a slip of paper in his front pocket then fled the scene.

Back at the hall, the Rippers find their table mates carrying the unconscious old women inside and take the chance to preview the note they retrieved from the creature…
It reads…" Omega arrives tomorrow. I am assured the biosphere will be finished on time. All is proceeding to plan." And is signed…J.

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