RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #4

Monday, April 10, 1895


On the morning of April 10, the group is given their first assignment by Brigham. They are told that a prominent Professor and his assistant are the targets for membership by the Rippers. The two would be at the Marvels Museum in downtown Paris that evening at the opening of a new display on Dinosaurs and that it was the groups job to recruit them.

That evening everything was going to plan, when a disturbance could be heard in the national cemetery across the street from the museum. There, a Cabal Sorcerer attempted to cast a powerful spell that rebounded on him. The night sky turned red and an Erie mist filled the steers. In the museum, dead exhibits suddenly came to life, including the insect exhibit outside the office that the Rippers where in. The Professor was injured sand the group had to fight their way through the swarm back into the main exhibit to find a full size T-Rex skeleton fully animated and attacking museum patrons.
After dispatching of the living bones, the group has to contend with it’s creator, the Cabal necromancer, who has just busted through the front door. The battle ends in him getting sapped from behind and the group load him onto a carriage to be taken back to the Lodge for questioning.



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