RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #16

Sunday, April 16, 1895

Eva is awoken early Sunday morning by the front desk with notice of a package. She takes it back to her room where she discovers a Rippers telegraph device. When she turns it on, it hums and glows and starts to chatter away spitting out a ticker tape message…." Your mission in Alexandria has been re-prioritized to vital importance..break… discover the truth behind Hutchinson’s death and those responsible… break… have reason to believe that the Cabal our collaborators are working there…. break…. complete mission in as short a time as possible….. transmission received, April 16,1895 @ 712 am GMT.

As Eva is watching the machine sputter away, there is a knock at the door and she meets a new Ripper sent to assist their team from Cairo. Despite some early personality clashes, the two do a little more research in town while they wait on the rest of the group to return from the island. Eva leaves a message at the front desk for the rest of the team and a separate message for the white girl that she saw with the Prince, hoping to talk to her to confirm she is the one the compass identified as the one. Shortly after returning to the hotel from their errands Eva receives a new message from the telegraph that Europe is officially under attack by the Cabal. The unprecedented and coordinated attack is targeting Ripper leadership, nationally recognized leaders, government officials, royalty and high society. It also states that all Rippers in Europe leave any non essential mission and report immediately to the nearest Lodge for assignment.

As the boatman sails around the coast to return the island team back to Alexandria, Jameson’s watcher watch begins to chime. When he opens it, all he hears is inaudible yelling, some explosions, and a voice saying… send help! It sounds like Willow’s voice but Jameson can’t be sure. When the team make it back to Alexandria, everyone but Alex head to Schuler’s. Alex heads upstairs, anticipating eating a fresh loaf of bread when he meets the new Turkish Ripper Osman. As the two get acquainted, Eva answers the door to find the girl she left the note for accompanied by a royal guardsman. Her name is Saline. The girl refuses to look at Eva and returns the note she wrote to her. Eva tries to question her about the Cabal, but she appears to not know what she is talking about. Eva decides to not press the matter and the girl leaves, but Eva notices something that surprises her as she wakes away.

The rest of thru group finally return to the hotel from Schuler’s with a map of the surrounding desert and decide to travel to the temple described on the scroll. The group is not able to decide the best mode of travel so Daken, Alex, Jaxom, Bleary, and Jameson (the island crew) rent a boat-and Eva, Cha’d, and Osman rent a hot air balloon. The boat trip and hike from the shore will take at least three days, while the balloon trip wil only take about a day.

About 4 hours into the trip, Eva and Osman spot a small village of Bedouins in the desert and then they see a group of cultist preparing to sacrifice a small boy bound to a stone. They land and attack the cultist, and though they do defeat them and save the child, the evil priest that was leading them escapes. The battle comes at a price, Eva is badly hurt. Her fellow Rippers with the help of the thankful Bedouins splint her broken leg and bandage her up but she will need to rest and seek professional medical care to fully begin to heal.

Half a day sailing down the river and the sun is beginning to set. The boatmen looks very nervous for some reason and is grasping a charm on a rope he is wearing around his neck. Suddenly, the boat rocks forward and Bleary looses his footing, falling overboard. The crew find themselves under attack by water elementals. Bleary manages to climb back aboard but is marked by one of the elementals and gets attacked. The crew is frustrated to learn that only magic attacks and fire have any effect on these creatures, but they are finally able to destroy the constructs. They continue on their way a little more weary of the water and their choice to rent the boat.

The game ended at 4:32 pm GMT on Sunday April 16



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