RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #14

Sunday, April 16, 1895


The next day, the group went to Schuler’s shop to try and recover the artifacts that Hutchinson sold to him just days before his death. While there, they discover an intricate scroll that talks about the fish people that they now know Hutchinson was obsessed with. The scroll revealed the location of a temple to the west that is supposedly inhabited by a fearsome monster and built by fish people. Another curious part of the scroll is written on a section of its own but no reference is made to it anywhere else in the scroll. The Rippers learn that history does record that Egypt was once invaded by “fish-people” that worshipped the god Oannes and that a great volcanic explosion occurred around the same time in history sending forth a tidal wave to blanket the Mediterranean coastline, including Alexandria.

The group was able to barder with Schuler for Hutchinson’s artifacts and the scroll and then returned to the hotel.



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