RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #12

Saturday, April 15, 1895

After leaving the Museum, the group head beck to the hotel to find out that they have been relocated from the royals suite on the 5th floor to the ambassadors suite on the 4th floor to accommodate the Prince of Egypt and his entourage. As the entourage walk by, Eva discovers that one of the two women at the Prince’s side must be the “Slayer” according to Willow’s compass.
The group next head to Hutchinson’s closed dig site and a few of them use his dive gear to investigate the site of the professors shark attack. (predators like that are rarely if ever seen in those waters) Right around the area that the Professor was attacked, Jensen finds another golden rock similar to the one found in that crate at the Museum storage room. After another hour or so of searching, the divers find the ruins of a city entrance including degrading columns and statues (Hutchinson’s dig site) Just as they begin to look around, Eva spots a Monstrous half shark/half man swim around a column and stare at her from just meters away,.. then without a beat… jet off into the darkness of the sea. Eva begins to swim back to the boats as fast as her legs can carry her with her puzzled comrades in tow.



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