RIPPERS, a Brave New World

Game #11

Thursday, April 13 - Saturday, April 15, 1895


The group leaves Paris bound for Egypt in the afternoon of April 13, 1895. Besides a senseless run in with pick pocket orphans, the voyage goes by without incident and the Rippers arrive in Alexandria Egypt in the early evening of Saturday, April 15. There, they meet Saleem Nazis, their Dragomen, who gets them through customs and takes them to the Taj Mahal Hotel for check in.
Next, they go to the Alexandrian Museum of Antiquities to see Professor Breccia who is overseeing the Greco-Roman show and was a friend of professor Hutchinson. Breccia takes them into the museum basement to the storage room where the artifacts from the professors dig where stored when the dig site was closed following his death. The group find the crate from the dig site and in it a peculiar golden rock with smooth flat sides and Egyptian hieroglyphs. They also find a mysterious fish skull that Breccia tells them was recovered from a nearby island and has yet to be identified.
They learn of an ancient Egyptian myth about fish men that invaded Egypt and where defeated by Ramses the second.



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