RIPPERS, a Brave New World

game #18
Tuesday, April 18, 1885

Late Monday night, April 17, the Rippers discuss their next move on the deck of the boat on the Alexandria River after a full day of travel from the dessert temple. Eva received a final detailed report from the Ripper Telegraph with details on the Cabal attack on Europe.

The Rippers where shocked to learn that reports indicate a 70% loss in Ripper manpower and resources in the European cup. The Rippers small council have labeled it, the bloody Monday massacre. Additionally, the group learned that the Cabal planted literature and evidence linking a terrorist organization called, the Rippers, to the assassinations of government and law enforcement officials, to hide their involvement and turn the government and common folk against the Rippers.

Eva also found a note that she previously missed written on the back of the paper note she gave the slave girl, Saline. The note warned Eva that her and the other Rippers where in danger. Saline wrote that she overheard a conversation between some of the Prince’s guards where they talked about the Rippers and had photographs of them. She said that she also heard them talk about assassinating the Prince on Wednesday at the Museum show opening.

The Rippers decided to return to Alexandria to prepare for the trip to the valley described on the gold puzzle box to stop whatever is going to arise on Friday night during the night of Thoth. While there, they intended on finding out who was after them and what they where plotting against the Prince.

Because of the time crunch, 8 of the group traveled back to Alexandria using the two balloons, while Eva and Darken used a magical artifact given to them by the Bedouins on Sunday to instantly transport themselves to the city. When Eva and Darken arrived at Nazzim’s house in downtown Alexandria, they found him being held hostage by vampires. A short conversation was followed by an intense combat in which the very powerful vampire nearly killed Darken, severing his left arm. After collecting a blood sample, the vampire left Daken in a pool of his own blood. Eva and Nazzim rushed to stabilize Daken and stop the bleeding. Despite the fact that the two constantly bicker with one another, Eva stayed at Daken’s bedside all night while he rested in Nazzim’s bed.

Early the next morning, at about 5:30 am Eva, Daken and Nazzim found dozens of the people in the street marveling at a meteor shower over the horizon of the city. At the same time, the 8 Rippers in the balloons were about 3 hours outside the city witnessing the same light show. Suddenly, the Rippers became violently ill. Their eyes, teeth, and nails turned a light shade of green. It took hours for all of the Rippers to break free from whatever sickness over came them but by the time the balloon crew reached the city and Nazzim’s house, most of them where fine. At about 11 am that morning, the Rippers grouped together in Nazzim’s living room to discuss their next move while the last few of the group sweated out the last of their sickness.

Game #17
Sunday, April 16, 1895


After a short conversation with the grateful Bedouins ,the balloon Crew are back on their way. The Bedouins made a gift to their liberators of 2 days rations and water, 2 torches, and 4 candles. After about 4 hours of travel, the crew spot a black object on an intercept coarse. In less than a minute a large back skinned winged daemon has attacks balloon #2, a cloud of black smoke trailing behind him. The crew quickly attack as the pilots begin to descend back to the ground. Balloon #1 lands smoothly but balloon #2 crashes violently and her crew scramble to defend her. After some well placed gunfire, the creature dissipates into a cloud. Eva recalls the Bedouins mentioned that the cult priest was spouting Arabic curses before he escaped and used the words “winged fiend”. Once the balloons are flight ready again, they continue on their way to the temple.
The boat crew make land fall late Sunday night and are advised by the boat captain that it is about a 7 to 8 hour trek to the temple site. The crew decide to walk through the night so they can get there as early as possible. As the crew makes their way through sandy dunes and craggy rock by torchlight they are suddenly attacked by sand constructs and red skinned daemon-men. The crew make quick work of the creatures but the sand constructs cause a few minor wounds that don’t seem to heal or close up with standard dressing.
In a search, the crew find an envelope on one of the dead demons containing pictures of all the Rippers in their group. The crew continue on, hoping to make the temple sight by early morning.
On the morning of Monday, April 17, the 2 groups reunited and began to explore the temple grounds. They found that the reflection pool goes deep into some type of cavern. The temple itself was mostly collapsed but the portion that was still standing contained many murals of art depicting an ancient war between the fish people and the forces of the pharaoh Ramses. Upon further investigation, the crew found a third piece of the gold rock puzzle hidden in the wall near an old chamber containing hundreds of bones.

Once outside, the crew found hundreds of mummies coming down out of the mountains to the south, east, and west. The crew made a hasty retreat back to the boat by foot an balloon.

When the 3 pieces of the gold rocks where put together, a message could be read describing the location of a valley where a terrible creature would awaken on the night of Thoth, just 4 days from that day on Friday the 21st. The crew decided to resupply before traveling to the described valley.

Game #16
Sunday, April 16, 1895

Eva is awoken early Sunday morning by the front desk with notice of a package. She takes it back to her room where she discovers a Rippers telegraph device. When she turns it on, it hums and glows and starts to chatter away spitting out a ticker tape message…." Your mission in Alexandria has been re-prioritized to vital importance..break… discover the truth behind Hutchinson’s death and those responsible… break… have reason to believe that the Cabal our collaborators are working there…. break…. complete mission in as short a time as possible….. transmission received, April 16,1895 @ 712 am GMT.

As Eva is watching the machine sputter away, there is a knock at the door and she meets a new Ripper sent to assist their team from Cairo. Despite some early personality clashes, the two do a little more research in town while they wait on the rest of the group to return from the island. Eva leaves a message at the front desk for the rest of the team and a separate message for the white girl that she saw with the Prince, hoping to talk to her to confirm she is the one the compass identified as the one. Shortly after returning to the hotel from their errands Eva receives a new message from the telegraph that Europe is officially under attack by the Cabal. The unprecedented and coordinated attack is targeting Ripper leadership, nationally recognized leaders, government officials, royalty and high society. It also states that all Rippers in Europe leave any non essential mission and report immediately to the nearest Lodge for assignment.

As the boatman sails around the coast to return the island team back to Alexandria, Jameson’s watcher watch begins to chime. When he opens it, all he hears is inaudible yelling, some explosions, and a voice saying… send help! It sounds like Willow’s voice but Jameson can’t be sure. When the team make it back to Alexandria, everyone but Alex head to Schuler’s. Alex heads upstairs, anticipating eating a fresh loaf of bread when he meets the new Turkish Ripper Osman. As the two get acquainted, Eva answers the door to find the girl she left the note for accompanied by a royal guardsman. Her name is Saline. The girl refuses to look at Eva and returns the note she wrote to her. Eva tries to question her about the Cabal, but she appears to not know what she is talking about. Eva decides to not press the matter and the girl leaves, but Eva notices something that surprises her as she wakes away.

The rest of thru group finally return to the hotel from Schuler’s with a map of the surrounding desert and decide to travel to the temple described on the scroll. The group is not able to decide the best mode of travel so Daken, Alex, Jaxom, Bleary, and Jameson (the island crew) rent a boat-and Eva, Cha’d, and Osman rent a hot air balloon. The boat trip and hike from the shore will take at least three days, while the balloon trip wil only take about a day.

About 4 hours into the trip, Eva and Osman spot a small village of Bedouins in the desert and then they see a group of cultist preparing to sacrifice a small boy bound to a stone. They land and attack the cultist, and though they do defeat them and save the child, the evil priest that was leading them escapes. The battle comes at a price, Eva is badly hurt. Her fellow Rippers with the help of the thankful Bedouins splint her broken leg and bandage her up but she will need to rest and seek professional medical care to fully begin to heal.

Half a day sailing down the river and the sun is beginning to set. The boatmen looks very nervous for some reason and is grasping a charm on a rope he is wearing around his neck. Suddenly, the boat rocks forward and Bleary looses his footing, falling overboard. The crew find themselves under attack by water elementals. Bleary manages to climb back aboard but is marked by one of the elementals and gets attacked. The crew is frustrated to learn that only magic attacks and fire have any effect on these creatures, but they are finally able to destroy the constructs. They continue on their way a little more weary of the water and their choice to rent the boat.

The game ended at 4:32 pm GMT on Sunday April 16

Game #15
Sunday, April 16, 1895


Once back at the hotel, a few of the Rippers try unsuccessfully to gain access to the closed 5th floor to talk to the two women when they learn that the Prince was not there.
Afterwards, half of the group went back to the docks and secured a boat to the island that the fish skull was found while the other half of the group waited behind in the hotel.
While on the island, the Rippers unburied a shrine to the god Oannes surrounded by a long deserted village. As it was already very late, they decide to camp out the night on the island and the boatman agrees to return for them in the morning. As they slept on the beach, they where attacked by a Sea Serpent. When they defeated the creature, it broke up into a pile of sea salt.
Back at the hotel, the other half of the group eagerly awaits the return of their comrades, fearing the worst.

Game #14
Sunday, April 16, 1895


The next day, the group went to Schuler’s shop to try and recover the artifacts that Hutchinson sold to him just days before his death. While there, they discover an intricate scroll that talks about the fish people that they now know Hutchinson was obsessed with. The scroll revealed the location of a temple to the west that is supposedly inhabited by a fearsome monster and built by fish people. Another curious part of the scroll is written on a section of its own but no reference is made to it anywhere else in the scroll. The Rippers learn that history does record that Egypt was once invaded by “fish-people” that worshipped the god Oannes and that a great volcanic explosion occurred around the same time in history sending forth a tidal wave to blanket the Mediterranean coastline, including Alexandria.

The group was able to barder with Schuler for Hutchinson’s artifacts and the scroll and then returned to the hotel.

Game #13
April 15,1895


After leaving their (Eva’s) chilling encounter at the dive site, the group went to the hostile at the docks to meet with William, the head grad student on Hutchinson’s team. He was able to give them some insight into the Professor’s odd behavior the weeks proceeding his death. William also told the group about a rare antiquities dealer in mid town that the professor had sold some of the dig site artifacts to named Schuler. Lastly, William was able to transcribe some of the hieroglyphs on the two stones when they are pieced together. Though the sentence was still incomplete without the missing piece, he was able to make out something about a tomb in a marsh to the west and the night of Thoth.
The group was able to discover that the night of Thoth refers to a pattern of stars that will appear in the sky just several days from that very night.

Game #12
Saturday, April 15, 1895

After leaving the Museum, the group head beck to the hotel to find out that they have been relocated from the royals suite on the 5th floor to the ambassadors suite on the 4th floor to accommodate the Prince of Egypt and his entourage. As the entourage walk by, Eva discovers that one of the two women at the Prince’s side must be the “Slayer” according to Willow’s compass.
The group next head to Hutchinson’s closed dig site and a few of them use his dive gear to investigate the site of the professors shark attack. (predators like that are rarely if ever seen in those waters) Right around the area that the Professor was attacked, Jensen finds another golden rock similar to the one found in that crate at the Museum storage room. After another hour or so of searching, the divers find the ruins of a city entrance including degrading columns and statues (Hutchinson’s dig site) Just as they begin to look around, Eva spots a Monstrous half shark/half man swim around a column and stare at her from just meters away,.. then without a beat… jet off into the darkness of the sea. Eva begins to swim back to the boats as fast as her legs can carry her with her puzzled comrades in tow.

Game #11
Thursday, April 13 - Saturday, April 15, 1895


The group leaves Paris bound for Egypt in the afternoon of April 13, 1895. Besides a senseless run in with pick pocket orphans, the voyage goes by without incident and the Rippers arrive in Alexandria Egypt in the early evening of Saturday, April 15. There, they meet Saleem Nazis, their Dragomen, who gets them through customs and takes them to the Taj Mahal Hotel for check in.
Next, they go to the Alexandrian Museum of Antiquities to see Professor Breccia who is overseeing the Greco-Roman show and was a friend of professor Hutchinson. Breccia takes them into the museum basement to the storage room where the artifacts from the professors dig where stored when the dig site was closed following his death. The group find the crate from the dig site and in it a peculiar golden rock with smooth flat sides and Egyptian hieroglyphs. They also find a mysterious fish skull that Breccia tells them was recovered from a nearby island and has yet to be identified.
They learn of an ancient Egyptian myth about fish men that invaded Egypt and where defeated by Ramses the second.

Game #10
Thursday, April 13, 1895

Before leaving for Egypt, the group met up with Willow (whom they met days earlier but didn’t know it at the time) and learned more about the Watchers Chronicle. They where given another talk watch that could be used to speak with Willow, Carpenter, or B and a compass that could be used to locate a chosen one or even the Slayer herself. They left Willow’s warehouse keenly aware that their loyalties were now split between the Rippers and the agenda of the Watchers.

They packed and prepared for their lengthy journey to Egypt.

Game #9
Wednesday, April 12 ,1895

After days of heavy activity, the group takes some much needed rest. That evening, they receive general orders to search the Paris docks and red light district for suspicious activity related to the unknown identity of a “half Breed” vampire.
The group splits up, some go to the docks, some find their way into a brothel in the red light district, and Gaston goes to the theater district at dockside.
All three groups end up fighting members of the Cabal into the night but all make it through the night.
In the morning, the group is given orders to leave immediately for Alexandria, Egypt to investigate the mysterious death of Professor Hutchinson, a premier Archeologists and Ripper supporter (and Eva Quinn’s ex fiancĂ©e)


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